As a means of promoting nature tourism as an important element of economic development connected to tourism, Audubon has developed the Birder Wise Small Business Workshop. The six-hour program is offered to any small business and tourism-related entities interested in learning how to understand and recognize the needs and desires of this growing sector of tourism. This training will provide businesses and communities with an understanding of the economic value of attracting birdwatchers and the consequential conservation value of our natural resources.


Participants will learn about: a) the connection between birds, birders and their small business, b) why they would want birders as clientèle, and c) how their business can attract this niche market. Details will be shared about the types and quality of local natural areas that help attract large numbers of birds, and thus bird watchers, along with national and local economics of recreational bird watching. The goal is to leave business owners with a greater awareness of how being birder wise will benefit their business.


Participants that complete this training can display a “Birder Wise” logo at their place of business as a means of highlighting and marketing this recognition of their understanding of this growing tourism sector. Workshops will be offered through local and regional tourism organizations (e.g., Chambers of Commerce) broadly across the region and on an annual basis. If your interested in participating in this workshop for your bird friendly business, contact Mozart Mark Dedeaux at or call the Pascagoula River Audubon Center at 228-475-0825.





 Birder Wise Small Business Workshop

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Updated: 9/17/2013