The Mississippi Coastal Birding Trail (MCBT) identifies and details over 40 sites that are used by local birders and are historically prime birding locations in the six southernmost counties of Mississippi. Most of these sites were first described as birding destinations by Judith Toups in her book, Guide to Birding Coastal Mississippi and Adjacent Counties (2004).  This website makes the information more accessible for birders in the field and provides detailed locations containing high quality habitats and species diversity. Trail sites highlight birds native to coastal Mississippi and species that may be overwintering or migrating. Each trail page also details the best time to visit the site and the key species that may be present.  Mississippi Coast Audubon Society chapter members have identified a list of key bird species that may be considered priority for Mississippi. These birds have been highlighted on our Most Sought Species (MSS) page.  In other words, these species may be of increased interest to birders of all types especially those who may be traveling to the Mississippi Gulf Coast specifically to bird. Habitat quality also influenced site choice because of the undeniable connection between the presence of good birds and a robust, healthy ecosystem.


How To Use This Website 


A Google map will direct you to every location on the MCBT.  Latitudinal and longitudinal coordinates are provided per location for ease of use with Global Positioning Systems (GPS). The main county, beach loop, and island pages are icon-driven for easy navigation through the website. Each trail site can easily be identified by hovering your mouse pointer over the map location icon. Click on a trail icon to navigate to a trail page which contains detailed information about the location and the amenities available. These amenities are also icon-driven with additional information when applicable (see key below).  Food and Lodging icons are active links to nearby restaurants and hotels.


The trail site pages highlight the most sought species at that location as well as the best times to visit. Additional details on the best times to see the most sought species are found on the Most Sought Species page. This page also lists every site where each bird could be seen for easy cross-referencing. All MMS species are linked to Audubon's website to help the viewer with identification. Emphasis is placed on the habitat present at each location because different environmental conditions will naturally attract different bird species. These habitat types are also linked to our glossary page to help the viewer understand their characteristics and key features. Each trail site page offers photographs of the location, and species that could be present.


Other resources available on this website include rare bird sightings, local and regional events, local weather, tides, bird checklists, user fee requirements, and hunting information. A list of charters for barrier island excursions or open water birding and their contact information is also provided under chartered services. Not all fishing charters accommodate birders, so inquiry is necessary.


Please contact us, suggest a new trail site(birding trail locations to be considered for inclusion on the MCBT) or  submit feedback  about this website.

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