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Least Bittern, Tricolored Heron, Swallow-tailed Kite, Mississippi Kite, Clapper Rail, Sedge Wren, Painted Bunting

The new location of the Pascagoula River Audubon Center

should prove to be a fine place for birding. The center’s mission

is focused on conservation and promotion of the Pascagoula River, widely recognized as one of the last, large, free-flowing rivers in the contiguous United States. This site is also recognized by the National Audubon Society as part of an Important Bird Area (IBA). Construction will start in late fall of 2013 and is scheduled for completion by summer of 2014. However, birders are free to visit the site by appointment right now, so come help us start building our bird list. An environment of southern mixed hardwood forest, bayhead swamp and adjacent tidal marsh and bayou is proving attractive to a wide variety of resident and visiting birds. In the future, boardwalks will supplement the historic trolley line right-of-way along the bayou to offer better access to a variety of water and marsh birds and an elevated walkway will provide a place to scan for kites, eagles and other raptors. The new center will be housed in a building offering state of art exhibits interpreting the Pascagoula River ecosystem. A formal art gallery will enable visitors to experience nature through the eyes of local wildlife artists and a gift shop will offer resources for birders and other nature tourists. And, of course, the very popular two-hour interpreted river and marsh tours of the Pascagoula River will be available. Click on the icon to the lower right for more information.

GPS:  30.41456 -88.54076


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Updated: 9/17/2013