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Least Bittern, Tricolored Heron, Clapper Rail, Brown-headed Nuthatch, Sedge Wren

Shepard State Park is owned by the Mississippi Department of Wildlife, Fisheries & Parks but operated by the City of Gautier. It has a good range of habitats, including southern mixed hardwood forest, pine flatwood, bayhead swamp, bayou and tidal marsh. There are also small, but poorly-maintained areas of wet pine savannah. It has long had the reputation of being a fine place for spring migrants (particularly in its live oak groves). But like so many sites in proximity to the coast, it suffered badly in Hurricane Katrina. However, recent sightings of Eastern Whip-poor-will and some of the less common warblers would indicate it is recovering.  In balance, Shepard Park is a pleasant and often productive site where a good variety of species can be seen in season. There is a minimal access fee.

GPS:  30.37270  -88.62620



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